May 13, 2020

Episode 28: Boston Molasses Flood

Special guest Karol (aka doom-rapper "garbageface") drops by the podcast to tell us about possibly the original sticky situation.  How could such a sweet treat turn deadly?  Maybe by storing two million gallons of it in a paper-thin water tower?  A cautionary tale about paying attention to warning signs, and the children running home with cups of molasses.  WW1, building codes, and so much molasses.


Video about the efforts to simulate the Boston Molasses Flood: 


Karol, aka "garbageface":


Leigh & Peter's band, HAMN:


Karol's song pick:: Sloth Esteem by The Slothspring


Leigh's song pick:: Hamburger Lady by Throbbing Gristle


Peter's song pick:: Mirror Reaper by Bell Witch


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